Telescopio Monocular, 40×60 Monocular HD Zoom Monoculares Telescopio con y Trípode,de Golpes Para Caza Acampar Observación Aves Juego de Fútbol


1.40X60 High Power Magnification:23MM large eyepiece, clear and bright, bright image, bright color;Ultra-large objective: The larger the objective is, the higher the resolution is, the stronger the reductivity is, and the more saturated the color phase is.
2.Optical lenses (coated lenses): All-optical glass lenses, sharp imaging, bright transparent and achromatic, the larger the high rate, fine things are in the eyes, can observe and measure the distance of 1000M, low-light night vision, night shooting, still clearly visible.
3.BAK-4 Prism: The panorama is clear without dark edges. BAK-4 prism has strong refractive index, no dark edge in image circle, and material with refractive index higher than BAK-7. It avoids dark angle effectively, has higher color reductive degree, and makes viewing scene more real.